“Lesters Logic” (LOL)

I don’t even know where to begin with this. These are both hilarious and somewhat offensive to anyone who actually legitimately trains Muay Thai. I discovered “Lester” when I was browsing Youtube for videos related to my “Thai Logic” entry that was posted yesterday. I’m not too sure what’s worse; the fact that this guy is teaching others an art that he clearly isn’t knowledgeable in or the fact that HE’S A JUDGE IN THE UFC!! Seriously, this is the guy who scored all 3 rounds for Forrest Griffin when he fought Tito Ortiz at UFC 106 (see the scorecard here).

Check out his list of “qualification certificates” that includes an identification card from Chuck Norris and several others from the “dog brothers” with the tagline of “let the howl go fourth”. I didn’t even realize there were so many certifications out there but then again, I’ve barely trained outside of Thailand and here, there’s no ranking system whatsoever for Muay Thai.

Anyway, if you were having a bad day, the following instructional videos are sure to cheer you up. Find yourself a training partner and prepare yourself to learn highly effective techniques such as the “4 cannonballs”, the “Muay Thai dive”, the “flatten the tire” technique and my personal favourite, “decorate the cake!”.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Lesnar is an impressive “Nak Muay” with pinpoint technique but how does that qualify him to judge MMA events? Well, to answer that question, here’s a bonus video of Lester displaying his vast knowledge of the Mixed Martial Arts.

I’m not too sure what’s left to say other than I will NEVER bet on MMA again knowing that guys like this are the ones judging the fights.