We all know that to train Muay Thai in Thailand is on the bucket list for every nak muay. If it’s not, then there is obviously something seriously wrong with you and you need to reassess your sanity. When I went to train Muay Thai in Thailand it turned into a life changing experience for me and I know plenty of other fighters who can say the same thing. The culture, training and overall lifestyle of training in Thailand is something that everyone who loves the sport should experience whether you train for fun or to fight.

Here are the 9 reasons why you need to eventually make the trip to train Muay Thai in Thailand.

#1. The Quality And Quantity Of Training

The experience of training in the motherland of Muay Thai is like nothing else. I would think the main reason you would travel to Thailand is to train in the sport you love, and trust me, you will love it. Now in my experiences, it’s not like I was at a traditional Thai camp in the middle of nowhere; I was in a very touristy Phuket but still got great training and felt connected with the trainers and training partners I met during my stay.

My trainers Marn and Sert were two of the coolest, happiest, friendliest guys I’ve ever met. You would never guess they are cold-blooded killers who have over 400 fights combined… these guys are absolute machines! I was also lucky to have a gym that cared about me and 2 trainers who trained me seriously, because I know of plenty of people who have had trainers not give a shit about their students.

Also, training twice a day, six times a week is tough shit. If you can train in Muay Thai in the brutal Thailand heat, you can handle a tough week of training anywhere. The amount of training you do will take your technique and fitness to another level in a relatively short period of time. Not to mention sparring with international fighters and Thai instructors will help improve your skills quickly!

#2. The Great People You Meet

If you’re like me and grew up in country like the US, chances are you often take things for granted and forget to appreciate the quality of your life nearly as much as you should. My first trip to train Muay Thai in Thailand opened up my eyes to the world.

I met and befriended two Thai women who worked 70+ hours a week and made equivalent to about $200 a MONTH… that is just insane! You know what’s even more insane? They were the happiest, nicest people I’ve ever met! That is one thing that was very noticeable while staying in Thailand. No matter how much work they did, or what type of work they did, they were some of the happiest, friendliest people I’ve ever met.

Now don’t get me wrong not every human being in Thailand is approachable and easy going, but a majority of the ones you meet will be genuinely happy to see you and befriend you.

Besides the locals, you’ll probably run into a lot of international travelers from all over the world. I met great people from Australia, England, France, Japan, Canada, Ireland and all different parts of the globe. Not only were they great training partners, but they turned out to be great people who I still am in contact with today.

#3. The Delicious Food

Not much beats authentic, cheap Thai food. Whether it’s the traditional pad Thai or something a little more different like octopus or prawns, there is plenty to choose from that are sure to tickle your taste buds. There are hundreds of fresh food markets where you can buy delicious meat, juicy fruits and fresh vegetables for a price that can’t be beat in the US. Eat as much as your heart desires and pay very little in the process… you can’t beat that!

Even if you’re not the biggest fan of Thai food there are plenty of international food markets and restaurants (at least in the more touristy areas), but what’s the point of going to a foreign country and not trying the food that makes it so unique? Go out of your way to try new dishes, you only live once!

#4. Beautiful Beaches And Scenic Views

There was nothing I wanted to do more on my days off from training Muay Thai than to lay on the beach, take a dip in the crystal blue water and do absolutely nothing.

When I had a little bit of extra energy I’d take a ride on my motorbike up the mountains to see some of the beautiful views Thailand had to offer. The whole country is loaded with amazing landscapes that will leave you speechless. Make sure you bring your camera!

#5. The Weather

I HATE cold weather, snow, ice and the winter months. Being a native New Yorker I have to deal with this depressing shit every year, but going to Thailand during the winter months saved my sanity from the harsh winters that my friends and family had to deal with while I was getting a tan on a beautiful beach in Thailand! Now I’m not saying it’s perfect conditions everyday, I’m just saying that it’s definitely my type of climate.

Hot and sunny. I love the heat, I love the sun, I love sweating gallons when I train, I love how the sun and hot weather can put me in a better mood. When the sun isn’t out but it’s still hot as hell, the insanely hard downpours of rain can actually feel pretty damn good too!

And the great thing about if it’s too hot and the sun is beating down on you, you can go lay on the gorgeous beaches all around the country of Thailand (if you choose a training camp that is close by one, which I would totally recommend).

#6. Cheap, Awesome Thai Massages

$10 massages can’t be real can they? O hell yea they can.

One of my favorite parts of Thailand was the fact that I could get a weekly massage and not feel bad about dropping $60 dollars. Not to mention the massages were some of the best I’ve ever had and they really know how to treat you well in Thailand. That being said, if you are looking for more than just a massage, Thailand masseuses are good at plenty of other things if you pay. Personally, I went to the more “upscale” massage parlors to stay away from the happy endings… but everyone has their own preference!

#7. The Crazy Nightlife

I had no idea how crazy the nightlife in Thailand was until I experienced it for myself. Between the late night ping pong shows, ladyboys roaming the streets looking for prey, crazy night clubs with half-naked women dancing on poles and bathroom attendants who sneak up behind you to massage your back and crack your neck, I guarantee that you will have plenty to talk about by the end of your trip.

#8. A Change Of Scenery

I can go stir crazy being in the same area for too long of a time. My mind goes numb and days start to blend together. It’s a good idea to get out of your own way by taking a trip somewhere you can unload your stress. What better way than punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing people in a beautiful country?

The change of pace will be amazing for you mentally, physically and spiritually. You’ll learn a lot about yourself especially if you travel by yourself or fight at one of the many stadiums in Thailand. You’ll meet people from all over the world, experience different cultures, diversify your training and be away from all the stresses of home. It doesn’t get much better than that.

#9. It’s A Once In A Lifetime Experience

All of this combined sets up for an amazing experience you are going to want to tell everyone when you come home. You’ll want to tell your friends and family all about the training, culture, nightlife, food, people, weather, temples, jungles, beaches, Muay Thai fights, motorbikes, massages and much more.

If you are a true Muay Thai artist, you can’t live your life without taking risks. Traveling abroad to train Muay Thai in Thailand won’t just improve your training, it will improve your life. Sure you can make all the excuses in the world but in the end, if you wanted it bad enough, you will find a way to make it to Thailand to train Muay Thai.

Final Words Of Advice

If you plan on taking your training seriously and having a few fights while you’re overseas, you are going to want to set goals, stay focused and work your ass off. My Muay Thai Mastery Training Guide will give you the jump start you need to an intense, meaningful training camp. The guide will walk you through step by step from choosing a training camp, to creating a training camp, to mentally preparing for a fight and how to win your next fight. It’s all guaranteed so if you feel like it hasn’t helped improve your training, I’ll be more than happy to give your money back.

Start living your dreams now!

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