Fairtex Gloves Review: Muay Thai Style

Product Reviewed14oz Muay Thai style Fairtex Gloves

Cost of Fairtex Gloves

$89.99 – $99.99

Company Product Description

  • These all-purpose fairtex gloves are perfect for bag and pad work. The wraparound hook and loop wristband is easy to use and designed to provide a better fit for greater comfort and control. Evenly distributed padding protects your entire hand and creates a tight and compact design.
  • Handmade in Thailand
  • Top grain leather shell
  • Shock-absorbing, high-density foam core
  • Thumb attached for added safety

Personal Experience

I was able to pick up these fairtex gloves at a bargain price here in Thailand. I got them at Scorpion gym for 1400 baht, which just under 45 bucks. I’ve tried all kinds of different brands -Windy, Twins, MTG and now Fairtex. I honestly like the fairtex gloves the best. They fit perfectly. The second you put them on you feel like shadowboxing.

I own a pair of 14oz twins gloves (which are also great) but for some reason, the 14oz fairtex gloves feel lighter. You’d think that 14 ounces is 14 ounces regardless, but apparently not. The leather on the fairtex gloves is also harder than on the twins. For sparring, I’d go with the twins (for the sake of your training partner).

For everything else, especially pad-work, I prefer the fairtex gloves. Also, in between rounds when you take one glove off to get some water, it can sometimes be a bit of a task to fasten the Velcro back up again. The fairtex gloves are really easy to fasten up. If you end up picking yourself up a pair of the fairtex gloves, do yourself a favour and grab the hand=wraps as well.

Recommendation – Yup




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