Combat Sports IMF Tech Gloves

Product Reviewed

Combat Sports IMF-Tech Sparring Gloves

Company Product Description

  • Features our advanced IMF TECH molded foam core for superior hand protection and shock absorption
  • All new D.U.R.A LOK closure makes it the best fitting boxing glove ever
  • All leather construction

Personal Experience

I’ve been getting a lot of companies sending me gear lately in hopes that they’ll have their products reviewed on here. If I like something, I’ll write about it – which is why I’m choosing to write about these gloves. I’ve been using them for the last month or so and I have to say that I’m pretty impressed. They’re a little wider (especially around the thumb area) than most of the Thai boxing gloves I’ve used but I don’t mind it at all.

What really makes these gloves stand out though is the comfort and wrist protection that they provide. I’ve used over a dozen gloves and these particular gloves offer the most wrist protection out of them all. It can be tricky to get them on at first because there’s a stretchy piece of fabric at the entry point of the glove but it’s that piece of fabric that makes the gloves fit so well. Twins gloves, MTG gloves and Fairtex gloves don’t have it. Once these gloves are all strapped up, you feel like you can punch concrete and not have to worry about any sort of wrist injury.

They’re a little heavy for padwork but they’re decent for sparring. The weight isn’t listed anywhere on the glove but I’m guessing that they’re about 16 ounces or so. I’ve been impressed with them so far and I’ll certainly be taking them to Thailand with me when I head there in a few weeks.