Tapout Shorts Review

Keith Jardine first wore these shorts in his fight with Stephan Bonner and immediately after the fight, I went online, did a search and made the purchase. Jardine vs. Bonner, as you can imagine, that was quite a while ago. To be honest, I don’t even think you can get these shorts anymore. I did a quick check through a couple online retailers and they were nowhere to be found.

I figured I’d write a review on the tapout shorts anyway though as it’ll give you an idea regarding the fit, comfort and the quality.

Tapout Shorts Comfort

To each his own but I personally can’t stand tight/high cut shorts. The tapout “long shorts” are about knee height (which is perfect) and they’re baggy enough that you never feel restricted – even when throwing high kicks. If these shorts had pockets, I’d wear them around during my day to day activities.

Tapout Shorts Quality

I’ve been using these shorts for well over a year now for both grappling and muay thai classes. They’ve held up pretty well. Thus far, the Velcro enclosure system has stayed in-tact and the fabric hasn’t ripped.

In Closing

I’m very happy with my tapout shorts. The look, quality and feel are all great. Keep in mind, this is a review for the long shorts (tapout makes different styles of shorts). Also, when choosing a size, remember that if you’re grappling, you’ll be wearing a cup so you might want to order a size larger than normal. There’s an internal drawstring so you’ll have no problem with tightening them up.

Tapout Shorts Recommendation – YES!