Muay Thai Camp Review: Patong Boxing Gym

Patong Boxing GymLocation

Patong Boxing Gym is currently located at 66/29 Soi Kepsup1, Taweewong Rd., Patong Beach. However, I believe they are moving up into the hills of Patong in the near future. There is another “Patong Boxing Gym” on Nanai Rd. behind Nanai BBQ buffet but that’s completely different. I’ve never trained at that “Patong Gym” but I can certainly vouch for the BBQ buffet – highly recommended by the way.

Muay Thai Camp Description

Patong boxing gym differs from the other muay thai camps in the sense that you can show up anytime you want during operating hours. There are no pre-designated training times. However, if you want set training times, you can certainly set up the sessions with your trainer of choice.

Personal Experience

From the minute I stepped foot in the gym, I felt welcome. The trainers were able to speak English well enough to communicate the key points. I came to patong boxing gym from an all-Thai training camp and while you’d think training with all Thai’s would be better – it isn’t. The key is to work with Thai trainers who have experience in teaching foreign students. It’s my understanding that the trainers at patong boxing gym are trained at the Muay Thai institute in Bangkok.

The trainers at patong boxing gym showed great attention to detail. If you mess up, even if it’s the slightest mistake – they’ll point it out to you. They’re so picky about your technique that you’ll even start to get frustrated. But of course, as you improve, you’ll be glad that they gave you such a hard time. They’re picky because they care. You’re there to learn and they’re there to teach.

Final Thoughts

I highly recommend this Muay Thai camp. Well, technically it won’t be a “camp” per say until they change locations. Right now it’s more of a “school” as it doesn’t provide accommodations. No big deal though. It’s right in the middle of Patong beach, which is the most developed beach in all of Phuket. Finding a nearby place to stay is no problem at all.

Recommended – YES!!