I came to this gym with the intention of staying for about a month but a month has now turned into two and it looks like I’m going to be staying for another. Of course, with this being my last month in Phuket, I’ll be training and reviewing at some of the camps I’ve missed – Sinbi, Rawai, J Prappa etc. So if you were considering training at one of the camps I’ve neglected, don’t worry – you’ll get your review.

The main reason why I don’t go live at one of the other camps – aside from the fact that I’m getting great training at the Patong gym – is the fact that the other camps are situated in isolated locations which gives the gym owners and nearby businesses a monopoly since they can jack up the rents as much as they want and still get foreigners that don’t know any better to pay.

For example, if you check out the Sinbi website, you’ll see that they’re renting out their private room for 22,000 baht a month. To put that into perspective, I’m currently paying 8000 baht per month where I’m staying now and I have air conditioning, satellite TV, wireless internet, king size bed, large washroom with hot water and to top it all off – I get my room cleaned for me on a daily basis.

At Sinbi – and most likely a lot of other camps – 8000 baht will get you a shared room without air conditioning and a bunk bed to sleep on. Now, if you’re only in Thailand for a short period of time – or if you have a loaded bank account and money isn’t really an issue for you – then overpaying for your room to stay on-site at a good gym might be worth it for you as long as the training is good.

But for me, seeing as how I’ve been here for about 9 months already, I have need to save money wherever I can. So staying right where I am in my nice, affordable room seems like the best thing to do at the moment. Not to mention the fact that the owner of the guesthouse I’m at is extremely nice and just the other night, she cooked me a huge dinner for free : )

So as for the training at Patong Boxing Gym, there a few things that make it a little different from a lot of other gyms. The sessions aren’t run at set times and in a group format. Rather, you can show up whenever you want between operating hours and from the moment you enter the gym until the moment you leave, you’ll be under the supervision of one of the trainers.

In other words, the whole thing is personal training – which is something that a lot of other camps in Phuket charge extra for. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the minimum amount of pad-time I get per session is 5 rounds – usually 3 rounds of Muay Thai and 2 rounds of boxing – although how you chose to split up your rounds is entirely up to you.

People don’t come to Thailand to kick the heavy bag for 8 rounds alongside a bunch of foreigners while waiting for a trainer to call you into the ring for a couple rounds of pad-work. If anything, the bulk of your time should be spent one on one with a trainer. If you want to kick the heavy bag on your own, you can save your money, stay home and just train in your basement.

As for sparring and clinching, you’ll get plenty of that too as long as you make it known that you’re interested in doing it. The training sessions are based around exactly what you want to do and you can break things down however you like.

Normally I get my 5 rounds of pad-work in but earlier this week I mentioned that I wanted to focus on sparring more so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. A couple of the Thai trainers are fighting next week so I’ve been sparring with them to help get them ready. And speaking of the trainers, here’s some footage I took of a couple of them working their kicks on the pads..

The location of the camp is awesome as well. It used to be located in a congested area near the beach surrounded by a bunch of suit shops and “happy ending” massage parlours – which meant you got harassed and basically molested every time you walked to and from the gym.

Looking to expand, the owner bought some land and moved the camp up into the hills. It’s perfect actually. It’s a nice quiet area with clean air, a beautiful view, a cool breeze and a nice running path. It’s a distraction free environment but if you also have the convenience that accompanies living and training in Patong – which is the most developed beach in Phuket.

Here are some photos of the camp and the camp surroundings..

The Running Path Patong Boxing Gym

Prices and Accommodation

A single training session at Patong Boxing Gym will cost you 400 baht – which is more than what the camps in Pattaya charge but it’s right on par with the cost of the gyms here in Phuket. A month of training (twice a day) will run you 8000 baht and if you wanted to live on-site at the gym as well, a month of training AND accommodation costs 18,000 baht – which is approximately $17.50 USD per day.

The rooms aren’t what you’d expect from a Muay Thai camp either. They basically resemble standard hotel rooms. They have a fridge, wireless internet access, cable TV, private washroom with hot water, two beds and most importantly – air conditioning! Here a little tour of the room before the fridges were put in..

My Overall Impression

I’m sure it’s pretty clear that I recommend this gym. The facility is brand new and well equipped. The training is great (oftentimes more trainers than students) and you have the freedom to structure your workouts as you’d like. The prices are fair and the on-site accommodation is great.

And of course, the location gives you the best of both worlds. You’re in a nice quiet area for your training but you’re never inconvenienced since down the hill (just a short motorbike ride away), you have access to everything you could possibly need such as convenience stores, markets, shopping malls, restaurants, nightlife – basically anything and everything.

The entire staff is really nice as well. I train late in the day and I’m usually one of the last students to leave since after my session, I’ll usually stick around for a bit to kick the bag or lift weights. This is around the time when all the trainers sit down to eat and they always insist that I join them – even though I don’t pay for the food.

More often than not, one of the trainers gives me a lift down the hill and even if I try to pay him for the ride, he’ll just smile and say “no problem”, then drive off. Actually, now that I mention it, the trainer that usually drives me back to my room has had a lot of major fights.

He’s fought on TV from lumpinee stadium on several occasions I believe and he once won a million baht for his efforts. There’s a picture of him holding the big stack of 1000 baht bills up at the gym. I guess that’s why he doesn’t bother taking my money – he probably has more than I do anyway!

All in all, I can’t say enough positive things about the gym and my experience here. The only negative thing I have to say is that they’re not always on top of their emails so if you have any specific questions – and if you’re unable to get a quick response from them – just hit the contact button and send your questions to me. I’ve spent enough time here that I’ll more than likely be able to answer them for you.


I’ve developed a 70 page guide that profiles everything you need to know about training in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. In the manual, I discuss the visa issues, the Muay Thai camps, the different areas, the transportation, the food, the culture and customs, the girls, the scams, the safety issues and most importantly, how to save a ton of cash along the way!




  1. Thanks for another good post. I’ll probalby end up checking it out. I’m at Tiger right now and from the review Patong doesn’t really sound like the kind of place for a beginner. Am I wrong? Just sounds like I’ll have to get some more experience first here.

  2. Hey Shaun,

    Your individual skill level doesn’t really matter because it’s just you and the trainer working together. The main thing that beginners need is plenty of one-on-one time with the trainer.

    Are you in the beginner class at Tiger right now? I heard that they moved some of their best trainers into the beginner program there – Nazee being one of them. How are you liking it so far?

  3. Awesome review Bill! I’ll definitely check this place out on my next trip.

    I’ve heard alot of good things about Rawai also, so I’m eager to see your review of that place.

    And Por. Pramuk too 😉

  4. hey bill… cant thank you enough for all of your reviews ive been following them for about… well since u started lol … ne way i havnt been to thailand and im planning on leaving around the end of may because i have a few fights commin up here…. but i was just wondering.. with a place that looks so great and to be honest i am very impressed with what ive seen….. does it get very packed? and are you the only canadian there? or if you had to give an adverage how many english speaking foreigners would you say come through?

  5. oh btw… do they have a shop (for gear) located in thier gym? and if not any suggestions for a shop with decent prices in town?

  6. oh btw do they have a shop (thai gear) on site? and if not mabe you could reccommend a good shop with decent prices in town?

  7. Josh,

    It’s located in Patong – which is the most developed beach in Phuket – so there’s quite a lot of English speaking foreigners that come through. I’m the only Canadian here but honestly, I haven’t met many Canadians in Thailand at all.
    Most of the foreigners I meet are from either France, England or Australia.

    There’s A LOT of Australians in Phuket. It seems to be a major vacation spot for them since it’s so close. Sort of like how Canadians and Americans head to Mexico (Cancun etc.), a lot of Australians come here. There’s a lot of friendly English speaking foreigners that come here though.

    It’s starting to get busier but it doesn’t really matter because the training is all one-on-one. As more people start to come, the owner would just hire more trainers to accomodate the crowd so..

    Oh, and yea . they have a pro shop right at the gym that sells Twins gear. They have shorts, cups, handwraps, ankle wraps, gloves, shin guards, and training pads – everything you need really.

    A pair of solid colour Twins gloves sells for 1600 baht – which is about 200-300 baht cheaper than what I’ve seen the other gyms selling them for. If you have a couple days in Bangkok before you head to Phuket, you might be able to pick up the gloves for around 1400 though.

  8. Yeah, I’m in the beginner area now. The first day all I did was technique in the ring with other brand new people but since then I’ve really gotten to like the pad work. My shins and ankles are killing me right now though (very swollen and really sore) so will probalby have to take some time off and just do yoga and weights.
    Can’t really confirm which trainers are in the beginner area as I’m not sure of all the names yet. I did notice it was on there shorts the first day which was nice but they just got new ones without names.
    I know I did pads with Robert and he was really good. But I don’t have much to compare it too yet.

    Alot of people I talked to said they liked what they saw at Dragon. Some are waiting until their time they paid for at Tiger is up and moving over there.

    One thing I did notice that was unnerving was that one guy that showed up the same day I did with zero experience as well (he was training technique with me the first day) was moved up to the intermediate area at the start of his second session. We were all really surprised (including him) and he told them that he just got here but they moved him anyways. There was a fair number of people in the beginners area that day so I think they needed the space.

    I’m really enjoying it though. I’ll have to have more to compare it too though to really make any significant comments.

  9. Shaun,

    Yeah, it sounds like the just needed the space. I hope the other students took it easy on him if it was one of the sparring days.. lol

    Funny you mention Dragon, I was walking back from the gym the other night and I just happened to run into all the trainers from Dragon – two of them remembered me from last year since they were working at Patong Boxing Gym at the time.

    One of their students had just had a fight – which is why they were in Patong. I started talking to the student and he had nothing but great things to say about the training he was getting there.

    I certainly have to stop in within the next 3 weeks for a training session before I head to Bangkok.

    How long are you staying in Thailand for?


  10. Bill, I’ve been reading your stuff for about 8 or 9 months now and really enjoy it.

    I’m flying into Phuket on April 12th and will be staying at Tiger. Then , I believe on the night of the 16th, we move to a 3 bedroom villa w/ private beach and pool at Rawai and will be training at Rawai MT. We fly back the 23rd.

    So hey ,maybe I’ll see you out there. And fyi, one of our party members is starting to sound like he’s flaking out so if you need a kingsize bed at a kick ass villa while doing you review of Rawai, please shoot me an email. We could certainly use the help w/ the bill. 🙂

    And aside from that, keep up with the training and keep writing.

  11. Hey Bill,

    I’ve been following your journey for a while now. Excellent posts. Next time I am in Thailand I am definitely going to check this gym out. Do they have a website? Was the accomodations set up through them?

    Also, any chance you will check out Nai Harn Boxing Gym before you leave Phuket? I have heard good things about them as well as Dragon, but I didn’t get to check out either while I was in Phuket, mostly because a broken foot limited my training.

    Good luck on your efforts. I will continue to follow. By the way, how are you financing your efforts while you are in Thailand? I know you mentioned you set up a bunch of websites. Any chance of posting the links in your links section? Everytime I am here I try to click your Google Ads to generate a little money for you.

    Best wishes.


  12. I’ll only be at Tiger until Monday. My buddy from home decided to make a trip out here for holidays so I’m meeting him in Bangkok. We’ll be traveling around Vietnam and Cambodia for 3 weeks.

    I managed to get a 1 year visa though so I’ll be back around the 25th of April and taking my time around here.

  13. Bill,

    Did you book the accomodations through the gym? Any chance you will check out Nai Harn Boxing Club while you are in Phuket? Keep the blog going, it’s a great read.


  14. Hey,

    Are there fans in the gym? I am heading over next week and haven’t booked a gym/accomodation yet. How long does it take to walk to the beach from the gym and is the sea worth swimming in? I lived in Hong Kong for a while and did some martial arts there and loved relaxing with a swim, but some places had rank beaches……..this is neat the most developed beach and it must be fairly polluted etc…..is it?



  15. Rachel,

    Yes, they have fans at the gym.
    It takes about 5 minutes via motorbike to get to the beach.
    A motorbike taxi ride to get there will cost you around 2 US dollars.
    All the beaches in Phuket are very nice so no problems there.
    I see plenty of people swimming in the sea so no problems there either.

    You can also take a weekend and head over to where they filmed the movie “the beach” which is one of the best beautiful beaches in the world. It’s not too far from Phuket and it’s quite inexpensive to get there..


  16. Hey,

    Loving your reviews and so glad I found this site. I’m just about to book a 5 week trip to train somewhere leaving end of this month. I’ve narrowed my options down to 3 based on some of your comments. In no order they are:

    1. Fairtex Pattaya
    2. Patong Boxing Gym
    3. Rawai Muaythai

    I’ve got a good few years experience in kickboxing but not Muay Thai. I’m mainly going to get back in some shape and for the experience.

    I’ll be doing some work whilst I’m out in Thailand and was wandering if you could advise as to how reliable the internet connection was at Patong Boxing Gym as I think this is my preferred option. Also, do you think my laptop would be safe left in my room?

    Are you heading over to Rawai at all? I’m also seriously considering that but a bit put off by the volume of people training there. Would love to go to Fairtex Pattaya but could be pretty costly for a 5 week stay!

    Anyway, I really appreciate all your reviews, you have provided some invaluable feedback which as helped me narrow down my search! Now it’s just choosing one!

    Thanks again and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Andy (29), England.

  17. Hi,

    Me and a freind are heading over in may for 5 weeks i have done about 6 months training so i no basics but would still say that im a begginer my freind has never kicked a pad but he wants to learn the art. We were looking at the wmc camp ko samui but im sarting 2 have my doubts as we want more one on one time. I love phucket so just wanted to say what a great job youve done talking about the patong boxing gym i think youve changed our minds. The only thing that seems wierd is its 8000thb 4 one month training and 18000 per day for training and accomadation is this correct? All other gyms i have been looking at are 30 000thb for one month acc and training package in a single air con room no sharing. On the site it says you can stay at patong gym for $10 a day are you able to get me a exact price for training and accomadation for 5 weeks there are two of us so i guess we will share a room but it has 2 have air con. We are comming form brisabane Australia so thb would be easyer 4 me 2 wrk out.

  18. Hi Bill,

    Thank you for the review. I’m saving up for a trip training trip to thailand in about 2 years time after army and patong boxing gym seems like a possible location. You didn’t mention any meals being provided by the gym. Is it possible to get cheap and nutritious meals anywhere near th gym?

  19. hey bill

    sorry mate i read the thread wrong i thought u said per day but it does say per month my bad. Also is there a chance of having a double bed in the room and still paying the 18000 per month? and im guessing if there were 2 of us sharing a room with two singles the price would come down between 2 ppl? i prefer my own room anyway but still handy 2 no so we can wrk out a budget.


  20. Andy,

    From what I hear, the internet connection is pretty reliable at the gym.
    As for leaving your laptop in your room, I would imagine that it’s pretty safe to do so.

    There’s not a lot of people in the area, especially at night, and all the rooms have locks etc.

    The people that run Patong Boxing Gym are actually a big family and they’re all VERY nice so I don’t see any of them running off with your laptop. In fact, one of the trainers, “pot” is his name, he actually sleeps by the ring at night just to keep a lookout and ensure that everything is alright.

    I’ll be paying a visit to Rawai next week and posting a review based on my experience/impression with the place..


  21. Tim,

    Yeah, it’s 18,000 baht for a month of training WITH accommodation and as I mention in the review, all the training is one-on-one with the trainers.

    The rooms actually have two beds (sort of like a standard hotel room) so sharing isn’t a problem. They do offer a discounted rate when people sharing the room.

    Next time I talk to the owner I’ll ask her specifically how much it would cost if you and your buddy shared the room..


  22. John,

    They actually JUST finished building a restaurant at the gym. I haven’t eaten there yet but from what I hear, the food is pretty good and all the dishes are reasonably priced – between 1-3 USD per meal.


  23. hi bill

    Are you staying on the camp or somewhere close by ? i did read that u said u had a king size bed?? if we do stay on the camp is there any chance of getting a double bed in the rooms if we decide 2 get our own room? if not is there any where close which has similar sortve accomadation for similar price with a double or up in the room? only reason i ask is after a hard days training it would be nice 2 come home and spread out 2 relax the muscles haha.


  24. headed to patong boxing gym beginning of may through whenever. seeing if anyone might want to split a room? if not, then i should be good….saving a little money would be good because i plan on staying well over 3 months!

    also, did you ever find out if there is a discount if 2 ppl share rooms?
    are you still at the camp?

    so 18000 baht is around 600$ right?

    going for the experience and to get in shape…plan on running everyday and itd be cool to have someone to motivate eachother.

    my email is mmafanatic1@yahoo.com if anyone is interested. i should be there before may 5th…i arrive in bangkok the 30th. is the easiest way to get to phuket flying or what?


  25. So did the Patong Boxing Gym in Soi Kepsap moved? Or its still there?

  26. Hi Bill…

    I am planning a 6 month trip to thailand specifically to live, eat and breathe muay thai from about august onwards. Can you please send me an email so i can reply with a couple questions if thats cool?

    Cool, hope you enjoying it!


  27. Hi everyone just after some help if possible. Me and a freind are planning to attend this camp from May 22cnd till 25 of June but i cant get in contact with the camp. Is there anyone there that can maybe tell me how the rooms are looking as we want our own room each and if possible if someone was there could you help me in any way to secure 2 rooms for the above dates??

    any help would be great guys


  28. I’m also hoping to attend the gym for a couple of weeks in July but can’t seem to get hold of them as I want to hire a room. Anyone know the best way to book it?


  29. Mark,

    The old Patong Gym on Soi Kepsup has moved.


    Send me your questions to admin@fightpassport.com and I’ll answer them for ya ..


    The rooms at the camp are pretty nice. Has everything you’d need. Air conditioning, washroom with hot water, TV, fridge, balcony with a nice view and 2 beds that can be pushed together to make a king size…

    If you’re still planning on going on the 22nd of May, let me know and I’ll make sure that they get you set up. I still keep in touch with the owner.


    I’ll book the room for ya, just let me know exactly when you’re comin..

  30. Hi Andrew

    thankyou for doing this for me.

    Dates are 22cnd of may till jun 25th and two room s for me a and a mate please


  31. Hi Andrew

    We arrive next thurs the 22cnd of may and would like the rooms for 1 month. If possible we want two rooms next 2 each other as me and my freind are heading over together.



  32. Hi Bill!
    I have been looking at your review of this camp and it seems very good, I am planning a trip to thailand soon and try out some training, when is the best time of the year to go there? Could you get me some info of prices for accommodation and training at Patong Boxing Gym for 2 or 3 weeks? I have been cheking out their website but there is no info about this. And also do they do airport pickup?


  33. yeah I’m training at Patong gym right now. It’s my third day of training (morning and afternoon sessions). I really recommend this gym in every aspect. If you have any questions just email me: filipkiedel@hotmail.com

  34. What’s up man, I am glad you liked the place. I got to thailand Last august and did a TEFL program and basically got on the motorbike and scooted around phuket trying to find the “Best” muay thai spot. I went to rawaii and thought it was good for about 2 mins lol. However since i lived in patong and was a teacher there i didn’t want to swing the drive. I’m from the US too. I didn’t see any one else from canada or the US when i was there.

    Anyway I was scootin around and found this place when it was still being built. it didn’t have the merch shop, just some concrete, some heavy bags, and the ring. The older man taught me for 2 or 3 days and then the guy that you have on video kicking taught me for the next 2 months.

    I thought the training was excellent as far as having the 1 on 1 training. However you really really REALLY have to tell them if you want to do any clinching or sparing etc.

    All in all when I was there I wasn’t really too impressed. I still thought I could find more legit training somewhere else. But i guess i want to subject myself to the most hardcore training there is. Another thing that put me off was the owner. She always had that air of “being better than you” around her. I ended up fighting for their gym in the last week I was there and I talked to the other fighter who i fought against and he said he got 6000 baht and asked me how much i got. She was promoting the fight and her exact words were “They say they give you 3800 baht and minus 800 for renting the gloves”. The gloves were tattered 8oz gloves that were used every fight before mine. And “they” really meant “her” as she was the promoter.

    The guy you say gives you a lift down the mountain is rather humorous. He reminds me of a monkey. All the trainers there are somewhat playful but he takes the cake.

    This comment was rather long but I figure it was warranted considering I was the first white guy to train there and was actually there before all the trainers you currently are with (apart from the older trainer). It’s good to see how it has grown and changed all within 6 months. I left on Dec 23rd by the way.

    I was curious about your ebook on making money while away as i have my own method. So i downloaded it and sure enough you do the same stuff I do! I’m a web developer/internet marketer/ seo guy by profession and so this def helped out. I am currently working for the guy who owns phuket language school across from Montes doing all their web projects. However, I am stateside right now doing it.

    I’ll be heading to south america to get my BJJ in january if you have any recommendations for that!

    Cheers Mate!

  35. Whats up, im training in mma now in the us , im going to train for a year then come to thailand to train in muay thai. My goal is to fight in mma as a career long term. i feel that muay thai training in thailand will build up my striking game. When i come i would like to find a gym that will get me pro fights in mma or muay thai. Of course my time will be limited cuz of visas. I also want a real hardcore, nitty gritty gym, not some over priced tourist haven. please email me back with details thx.

  36. I think you’ve just helped me pick where I want to go 😉 lol.

    I need a lot of pointers for certain techniques so I feel the style of training here would definitely suit. And turning up when you like and staying later (eg sleeping later) is exactly what I want lol.

    how long you hanging around for? I will be in Thailand for the last week of November + first week of december.

    Great site as you know and thanks for all the info 🙂

  37. Hi Friends! I am Planing to come on End of Oct. Then please help the follow:
    1. Is the location near Patong Hotel area?? So how can you traffic to the gym?? I mean by TUKTUK or walk??
    2. Weather of End of Oct?? Is thi still rainny??
    thks !

  38. can anyone tell me whether vut, the guy with the phoenix tatoo on the back, is still/again one of the trainers in patong gym? every time i came to thailand he was my trainer. hes brilliant! so, next month in november when i will come back to phuket i would only train at that gym if my kru is there!

  39. im come nov 24 for a month just want to now the wheter is like rainny temp e.t.c how far from the airport thank

  40. Great review on the gym, thanks heaps cant wait to go there! Do you know how far the gym is from Patong Beach? As that is the area that I am staying in? Also, do you think it would be safe for my wife to train there without me? We dont really have alot of experience in boxing, but we are pretty keen to train more for fitness while we are there?

  41. Hi Bill,

    My partner (Marc) and I will be on holiday in Patong from Late Feb-Early March. Marc has a fight soon after we get back from Holiday and needs a place close to our hotel (nanai rd) to do a few 1-2 hour training sessions to keep him fit.

    Do you think Patong Boxing Gym is the best option for him and how do we go about organising that with them? Do we just turn up or do we need to book in advance?

    Do you have a link to a google map of the gym? the one on their website is a little confusing.

    Thank you for your time, the review was very helpful.

  42. Hi ya I am flying out November and going to give the pat gym ago I’ll be staying for three months… Living on camp with the fee of 8000 b is that unlimited trianing because in your post you train twice a day? And do the Thai trainers speak English?and are the rooms safe to leave belongings in? Money passport etc?

  43. who do you think is the best trainer there? and would they rather people call or contact them in some way before they get ther or can people just turn up there and ask 2 train?


  44. Hey Dane,

    My trainer there is usually “Ming” and he’s awesome….

    If you’re planning on staying at the gym, then it’s best to make a booking before hand. As for the training (if you’re staying elsewhere), you can just show up..

  45. thanks, i didnt want to show up and then get told they wont train me lol but i will definitely go there

    thanks heeps

  46. oh and i forgot to ask haha …..have you ever been to tiger muay thai, and if you have wich gym do you think is better?


  47. Hi Bill,

    Me and my friend have been looking for a place to train Muay Thai while we are in Phuket february 2011. I found your guide and I must say that Patong Boxing Gym looks like a really nice place to train.

    My friend is a bit sceptical though. He says he prefers grouptraining because then you get to train/spar with all sorts of different people with different techniques. But I would rather get 1on1 training so I can be told what I do wrong.
    How many trainers are there usually on the camp? I was thinking I could convince my friend that they have enough trainers with different techniques so you don’t need to train in a big group.

    Thank you

  48. Hey Johan,

    You’ll be doing your pad work, technique etc with a Thai trainer and once you’re done with all that, there’s always plenty of ppl around to spar and clinch with (both Thai trainers AND other foreigners)..
    You guys won’t have a problem with that at all.

  49. Hello, can any body tell me if the Patong boxing gym trains MMA? or is there any MMA training gyms in the Patong, Kata beach area?

  50. hey do you need any experience in muay thai or any martial arts to learn and train at the patong boxing gym ?
    i recently went to patong for a holiday and loved it. soon i will be going back to patong for about 3 months. would love to learn muay thai as its something i have wanted to learn for ages.
    does it matter what condition your in ?
    i know where the gym is and know my way around patong. really want to get fit and learn a martial art at the same time. any advice would be great ..


  51. yo thank s for the info bill it was a get help i was at patong in oct.-dec34 for a month and patong is great place to train wish all is will

  52. Hi

    I will be staying in Kamala beach in april for 2 weeks holiday but have not been able to locate any muay thai training places around there. Does anyone know of a good place close to Kamala beach where i could learn Muay Thai?

    Thanks for any reply or advice.


  53. Hi!

    I am interested in heading there this coming June. May I ask where is the 8000baht place that you stayed at?



  54. I noticed they have increased their prices a hell of a lot since you went. A month training and accommodation is now 30000baht instead of 18000.

    Shame, I was going to go.

  55. Hi there,

    I’ve been checking out your reviews, And find them very helpfull.
    I am currently working in Afghanistan and planning on heading to Phuket to train from The start of July onwards for around six months.
    I have been at the very difficult part of deciding on which club to choose, But recently I am swaying towards Patong Boxing gym, As the one on one stuff really appeals to me.

    I am in brief contact with Anita on facebook, As you may know they are not great at replying to e-mails etc.

    Wondering if you could give me any info on training at the gym and getting fights etc?

    I also have a little dilemma, I am not planning on returning to my home country in the Uk (Scotland) before I go there to train.
    Can I arrive just on the 30 day visa I automatically get granted to me on arrival and then apply for a tourist visa to train for the six months, To put you in the picture, I am planning on being there the whole month of June on holiday and then start training the very start of July, So the 30 day visa would do me for the month of June and then should I exit to an embassy say in Malaysia or something to try and get the tourist visa?
    I am not fussed where outside of Thailand I have to go, The main thing is a guarantee of getting the visa granted, As I hear that it may be an issue applying outside of my home country, Is this true?

    Can you give me any advice on this as its a sticking point for me, My other option at the minute is to post my passport home from here in Afghanistan and get someone to send my passport to a consulate in England to get the visa from there, But I am very reluctant on doing this as I really shouldn’t be here without my passport!

    Fire me an e-mail if you don’t mind 🙂

    Hope you are well

  56. Hi, Bill!
    First, I apologize for my English, because I’m from Russia and I use Google Translator. Can you tell me how I can get to Patong Boxing Gym from Patong? Do I need a motobike, or is there a traffic songhteo (tuk-tuk)?

  57. Hey Nik,

    The gym has changed locations. It’s now located between Patong and Karon beach. You’ll definitely need either a motorbike or a taxi to get there now.

    As you head towards Karon beach (from Patong), you’ll see a Muay Thai gym along the way on your left hand side. That’s the new Patong Boxing Gym.

    Directly across the street is a hotel called the “secret cliff resort” (most taxi drivers will be familiar with it).

  58. thanks a lot off
    my last question: can i rent a gloves and other box equipment in a Gym? i don’t want to carry my gloves, cuz it is a big size

  59. Firstly these reviews are truly entertaining. I really enjoy reading alot of them. This post sparked me to add a comment as I recognize the trainer/pad holder. Like you I’ve been to quite a few gyms in Thailand but unlike you haven’t had the privilege to stay longer then a few days due to a demanding Thai girlfriend whom I’m no longer with (but still good friends). But as I was saying, the trainer (kot? I believe his name is) has opened a gym in Pai 3 hours north west of chiang Mai. This has been my favorite gym to go for various reasons. It’s called S.Wisarut, like I said I only had the chance to get there 3 times as I came down with an illness. But I will definitely go back for a solid month of training! Keep up the good work!
    Thanks Josh.

  60. Awesome site! I’m heading there within a few months. Have you been there lately and how is the new location? Thanks

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