Kind of makes you want to book a flight to Thailand, doesn\'t it?So, in a past entry I mentioned that I went to Issan with a girl that I met on my birthday. Well, after training at a few of the Muay Thai camps in Bangkok (reviews will come soon), I decided to come back to Pattaya to stay another month. I guess this is how it starts. There’s so many ex-pats here that visit once on a holiday, go back to their home countries, liquidate their assets and move back here permanently – it’s really THAT good. Not only that, but everything here is just so convenient once you’ve stayed a while and figured things out. Transportation and food can be cheap and if you look hard enough, so are the accommodations. The trick is just staying away from the drinking and the nightlife. But of course, for most people – that’s easier said than done.

Well, it looks as though I’ve managed to bring a slice of walking street to my home life via living with a Thailand showgirl. Throughout my bus-ride from Bangkok, me and the girl I met on my birthday were sending text messages back and fourth. When I told her I was on my way back to Pattaya, she extended an invite for me to stay with her at her apartment. I decided to take the plunge and move in. She seems cool; her apartment is in a perfect location as it’s just a 2 minute bus ride from Scorpion gym; the rent is only 200 US a month and of course, let’s not overlook the fact that she’s so hot that if while I was a chubby, horny, 16 year old, someone somehow showed me what my 26th birthday hook-up looked like through a crystal ball, well ..let’s just say I’d probably be willing to skip an entire decade of my life just to rush to this point.

So it’s been about 30 hours of so since I officially unpacked my suitcase and with the exception of a couple minor arguments, things have been going pretty good. Actually, come to think of it, I suppose arguing prior to even completing day 2 isn’t a good sign of things to come. Either way, regardless of what happens – living with a showgirl surely make for some interesting entries for you to read and of course, it‘ll make for some interesting evenings for me to enjoy : )

Seeing as how the only other 2 girls I’ve officially “lived with” are my mom and my sister, this should make for a unique experience. As for the camps I trained at while in Bangkok, I’ll get the reviews up very soon. I went to Sor Vorapin and Sasiprapa. One was good and the other was absolute shit. Stay tuned for the reviews and camp tours.


I’ve developed a 70 page guide that profiles everything you need to know about training in Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. In the manual, I discuss the visa issues, the Muay Thai camps, the different areas, the transportation, the food, the culture and customs, the girls, the scams, the safety issues and most importantly, how to save a ton of cash along the way!




  1. Hey just wanted to say that I love your blog. I check it out daily. I like it not only for the reviews of the gyms and training but also the daily life of living in thailand. I’m planning on doing it next year and this gives me a great idea of how it might be! Keep up the great work!

  2. seem to have a lot to learn about Thai bargirls.. I hope it will work out well for you.

    Thank you for the article about Scorpion. Great gym, great people. Will go back there in January.


  3. After spending 3 months living and training in Phuket my advice is to check her ID card because the girls I saw as pretty as that were katoy. Then again I am a jerk and could be completely wrong.

    You website is amazing, I hope you check out Tiger Muay Thai in Phuket. I spent 3 months there and would like to see what you think of it after visiting the gyms in Northern Thailand.

  4. Josh,

    You’re right and it’s pretty fucked up that whenever you see a girl that’s “too hot to be true”, she usually is. I know about that little ID card trick and believe me, I’ve checked. It says “MISS” .. thank god! I’ve also met her son too .. so .. that pretty much rules out the possibility of her being a dude..

    I’ll be going to Tiger Muay Thai next month and most likely staying over Christmas and the new year..

    After that, I’ll be bouncing up to Chiang Mai

  5. See my comments on that entry about the other one that went psycho (I think it was “Fon”).

    You can download a free copy of ‘Private Dancer’ on Stickman’s website. Seems like a quick 90 page read might just save you a world of trouble. Or continue doing what you’re doing, which akes for WAY more interesting reading- haha.

    Seriously bro… probably better off not moving in with them. Or, more accurately, safer. When they pull the “I’m going to go crazy and kill myself, or you, or both of us” routine, at least you’ll have your own room to go to and lock. Also, have a back-up motel that you plan to go to is you get tracked down.

    Maybe I am a bit alarmist and jaded, but after reading 3 years worth reader’s entries at Stickman’s, I’ll take every silly precaution I can think of if I ever end up going to the LOS. Too many times I’ve read about guys getting jumped by some dancer/massage parlor worker/karoke singer’s peeps because he “lead her on” by being manipulated (often while drunk) into saying the dreaded L-word. After that, you’re toast… the bear trap has sprung shut as far as they’re concerned, and if you try to back out then drastic and often psychotic measures are taken to try to get you back. Beatings, robbery, death threats and even getting framed (plant a little yaba or weed on the sleeping farang, then call the boys in brown) are not uncommon. Tread carefully through those waters, bro.

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