Night Of The Knockout (Videos)

I really like Strikeforce as a promotion and I hope they’re successful. Why? Because they put on great, entertaining fights and last night was a perfect example. A lot of the fighters in the UFC fight to win and go the safe route by controlling their opponent in route to decision victories. It makes sense of course. A couple of losses in the UFC and they get fired.

There’s so much talent in that organization right now. Strikeforce on the other hand hasĀ a shallower talent pool and perhaps since the fighters don’t feel as though their fighting for their jobs each outing, they can let loose a little more and focus on entertaining the fans and going for the knockouts – which is exactly what happened last night.

All of the main bouts ended up being entertaining and delivering brutal knockouts. There’s 4 fights posted, but it won’t take you much time to watch them all.. Dan Henderson vs Babalu Sobral, Robbie Lawler vs Matt Lindland, Antonio Silva vs Mike Kyle and Paul Daley vs Scott Smith – the videos are below..