Flying Teep To The Face (Video)

Here’s one of the fight videos from the “SportAccord” 2010 combat games. The guy in the red is Simon Marcus; a Canadian Muay Thai fighter who got his start at the Siam no 1 gym in Toronto, Ontario. Over the past year, Simon Marcus has spent a lot of time training in Thailand. He was at the Siam no 1 gym in Chiang Mai and from there, him and his friend/training partner “Matt Embree” went to the Por Pramuk gym for a while to train alongside Buakaw and the other fighters. Simon has been fighting as often as he can to gain experience and move up the ranks. With performances like this, it’s only a matter of time┬áhe gets his shot at some of the big name fighters and makes his mark in the sport. In this particular fight, Simon dominated from bell to bell and finished things off in impression fashion with a flying teep to the face. Seriously. Simon went on to win the Gold metal in the 81kg weight class. Yodsanklai Fairtex was competing in this as well but he fell short of gold as he lost a decision to Artem Levin of Russia in the 75kg class. Here’s Yod’s gold metal fight..



  1. Simon has been dominating the best fighter’s from a number of countries for the last 3 year’s and is one of the best fighter’s in the world in his weight division. Expect to see big thing from him. He display’s proper Muay Thai technique and is amazingly strong.