Insider Training Camp (Ep. 1)

“Genghis Con” is doing an amazing job producing videos that take viewers behind-the-scenes into the lives and training routines of their favorite fighters. Here is the first episode of the “Insider Training Camp” series and in it, he followed Raphael Assuncao as he prepared for his fight against Diego Nunes at WEC 49.

Dispite all the hard training, Raphael ended up on the losing end of a split decision but given his mentality and work ethic displayed in this video, he’ll likely end up putting together another string of wins.

There’s so many noteworthy quotes and scenes in here to point out but after watching it, you’ll definently be in the mood to train. Hopefully “Genghis Con” will continue making the “insider training camp” series. You can check out his other videos by visiting his website. Check it out..

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