Tyson Talks Muay Thai (Video)

Here’s Dana White’s latest UFC 118 video blog and in it, he’s hanging out with Mike Tyson and getting his opinion on a few things. Unlike James Toney, it seems that Tyson understands that MMA involves a multitude of skills that extend well beyond that of simply standing in the pocket and throwing punches. At around the 4:25 mark of the video, Tyson starts discussing the probability that Toney will be kicked in the leg and from there, he tells a story of how a friend of his (a Thai boxer) asked him to kick him in the leg..

In Tyson’s own words, after his friend blocked his kick, he says “I didn’t want to tell him but I was paralyzed from blocking that kick”. He followed that up by saying that when he tried to walk away, his “leg was just froze”, and of course, Dana and Lorenzo were just laughing their asses off. It’s nice to see that Tyson, being as accomplished as he is as a boxer, has a respect for the other arts and mixed martial artists as a whole.