Kem vs Nopparat (Video)

Yesterday afternoon, some of the guys from the gym I’m at and the trainers here woke up early, piled into a truck and drove out to Omnoi stadium (which is nearly 2 hours away) to watch the fight between Kem Sitsongpeenong and Nopparat Keatkhamtorn. This was the final fight of the Isuzu tournament with the winner getting over a million baht as well as a car. The “loser” (runner up) in the fight apparently got 500,000 baht for making it so far.

I won’t include a spoiler and mention who wins for those who actually read this before watching the fight but I’ll just say that the knockout is awesome. At first, the fall looked to be a little exaggerated but after checking out the replay, it’s clear that it’s just a clean connection that put him out. Anyway, check out the video..