JWP vs Yodsanklai 3

I’m currently training at “13 coins” in Bangkok, Thailand and as I mentioned in my “Based in Bangkok” entry, John Wayne Parr was training here to prepare for his third meeting with Yodsanklai Fairtex. He had fought Yodsanklai twice before and both times, he came up short. This time however, he was focused and was training hard (I know, I saw it).

He was here for 3 weeks and he didn’t miss a single training session. He got some good advice from Saenchai as well because like Yodsanklai, Saenchai is also a southpaw. Well, the other night, the third time was a charm for John Wayne as the judges awarded him a split decision victory.

Here’s some quick footage of JWP putting in the work here in Thailand..


And here’s some videos of the fight (props to MuayThaiTrainingCamps.com) for finding the videos so soon. Hopefully a full length, high quality video becomes available within the next couple of days..

In the 3rd video, at about the 1:17 mark, you see JWP take one of Yod’s powerful kicks to the face. It appears that’s the blow that upened up a cut under his right eye (although I’m not 100% sure). Anyway, here’s the aftermath of that shot..



  1. […] I got a good deal on it and was pretty stoked ..for about 1 day ..then it broke! I had it sent in for repairs and just got it back now (about 3 weeks later). Anyway, this first video – which was obviously shot using a lower end replacement camera – is of John Wayne Parr training for his fight against Yodsanklai Fairtex. […]