Fight Life! Frank Mir

Frank Mir is in dire need of a big win to resurrect his career and get that rematch with Lesnar that he’s been thirsting after. He’s slated to take on “Cro Cop” at UFC 119 and a win over the legend may very well put him back where he wants to be, or at least get him a number one contender fight.

I’ve been posting up the Fight “Life” series by Fight! Magazine lately because I think the videos fit in perfect with the concept of Fight Passport – which is to give readers a behind-the-scenes look into the training, the arts, and the overall lifestyle of fighters.

For someone that takes some serious shots to the head, Frank Mir comes off as an extremely intelligent guy. In the first video, he says some things that really stuck out to me. He talks about the difference between the average “keyword warrior” and himself and that while he might go out and fail in front of millions of people, at least he’s out there doing it. He then makes a good point by saying that when he’s gone, he’ll be remembered for his accomplishments while the person who’s sitting at home and talking trash about him in the internet forums won’t even be remembered by his great grandkids. The whole series is actually pretty interesting so enjoy..