Fight Life! Dan Hardy

Here is another installment of the “Fight Life” series by Fight! Magazine. So far we’ve posted up the Bas Rutten series, Urijah Faber series, Frank Mir series, the Jose Aldo series and now, you have the chance to get to know Dan Hardy a little better. This concept of “fight life” is awesome because it gives fans an inside look into the daily lives of their favorite fighters.

In these videos, you get to meet his girlfriend, get his opinions on “tapping out” and giving up in a fight, hear what he has to say about his fight with GSP, hear what he says to say about Daley’s cheapshot on Koscheck and pretty much everything else in between – his cars and his lifestyle in Nottingham included. He seems like a pretty cool guy and after watching all these videos, you can’t help but like the guy. While on the topic of Dan Hardy, check out this 30+ minute Dan Hardy tribute series.



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