Fight Life! Bas Rutten

From its inception, the vision behind the “Fight Passport” concept has not only been to showcase the various gyms and fighting styles from around the world, but also, to spotlight the behind-the-scenes events and adventures that fighters experience. Obviously, the mentality of someone who chooses to fight for a living is a little different than the average person in society. So, it comes to no surprise that some of the top ranked professional fighters have lead extremely interesting lives.

Take Bas Rutten for example. He’s pretty well known for his charasmatic personality, his impressive fight background and of course, his ability to tell awesome stories from when he was growing up and his years working as a bouncer in Holland. Fight! Magazine, which I personally feel is the best MMA publication on the market, has put together a video series called “Fight Life” where they basically flip the cameras on and let the fighters share some of their most memorable moments.