Anderson Silva Seminar

Kings MMA is a new gym in Huntington Beach, California that’s lead by “Master” Rafael Cordeiro and a stacked team of instructors including Joao Assis, who’s a 2x world BJJ champion and 10x grapplers quest champion. In the videos below, Anderson Silva paid a visit to the gym to give a seminar on both grappling and striking for MMA.

On the Kings MMA website, there are several instructors listed as being “black belts” in Muay Thai, which to me, doesn’t even exist. I’m writing this from Thailand and there’s no official ranking system at all for Muay Thai practitioners here. Why they would be awarded a “belt” when no belts are worn in the sport doesn’t make sense to me either. I think it’s something that the Brazilians have implemented on their own because the Thai’s (who are the originators of the art) aren’t using that ranking system (though it would be nice if they did).

Anyway, both the videos posted below are awesome. In the first one, Anderson Silva is profiling some grappling techniques to the class as well as Rafael Cordeiro and Fabricio Werdum who are both very impressed. At one point, they refer to Anderson as having the “magic”. The second video is more of the same except Anderson is giving tips on striking. He tells Werdum to view the sparring session as being on a “point system” and that he loses a point every time he gets hit. He also profiles a “ball trick”, which he hyped up as being awesome but since there’s no actual demonstration of it, I’m not sure I completely understand what he’s talking about. I’d really like to find out though and give it a try. Any advice coming from Silva is worth following. Here are the videos..