Product Creation

Creating eBooks and membership sites can be a lot more profitable than you'd expect.
Creating eBooks and membership sites can be a lot more profitable than you’d expect.

Creating your own products, particularly eBooks, allows for massive earning potential – much more than you’d ever expect. There are some eBooks out there that have made the authors multi-millionaires.

This is possible due to the massive affiliate network (affiliates that send traffic to the landing pages in hopes to earn commission from the sales) that some networks have.

The most popular marketplace for eBooks and digital products is called Clickbank. If you were to create your own product, that’s the network you should aim to get it listed on.

I will however suggest that if you’re new to this, you should start out as an affiliate to get a good understanding of how this works, while getting some insights into which markets have the best conversion rates.

While there are people who become millionaires from 70 page eBooks they probably wrote in a month or two, the majority of products in the Clickbank marketplace don’t make any money at all.

The big sellers generate a lot of income because their copy was written by professionals who understand the psychology of sales.

By starting out as an affiliate with email marketing, you can practice copywriting while building up a list of contacts you can market too in the future.

Once you’ve discovered a profitable niche, built up your subscriber base, and gained some insights into what exactly makes your audience “tick”, then you can work on creating a product of your own.

Once again, if this is going over your head but you’re interested in learning more, this course (click here) covers everything in much more detail than I possibly could.