Twins Gloves (14oz) Review

Company Background

Twins special is a solid brand name known for manufacturing Muay Thai related products. The products are top quality and Twins special has become the top choice for boxing supplies in Thailand.

Product Reviewed

14oz Twins gloves (solid white)

Product Cost

$54.82 – $109.66 (BUY HERE!)

Company Product Description

Twins Special boxing gloves. Velcro closure. 100% cow skin leather.

Personal Experience

When I first purchased the gloves. I hated them. I immediately switched back to my MTG’s. The right glove fit differently than the left. Every time I’d punch, I would experience pain at the top of both my pinkie and ring finger. I asked a couple of the Thai trainers to try the glove on as well and they also noticed the restricted space in the right glove.

When I temporarily misplaced my MTG’s, I decided to give the Twins gloves another try and since doing so, I worked them in and the problem just kind of went away. Now they’re great. I should note, I think that this was simply a manufacturing error since I tried on other Twins gloves and they seemed to fit fine.

The Twins gloves are very high quality and they’re great for sparring as the leather and padding is rather soft – much softer than my MTG’s.

Recommended – YES!



  1. I have tried every major glove made. Twins are by far my favorite. All of the Twins products are very durable and worth the money. Windy is another great brand. Fairtex is very expensive compared to the others. I have notices that their gloves have a long break-in period and the padding isnt as thick as Twins or Windy. People dont know that Twins, Windy, King, and Raja are made in the same factory in Thailand.