Allmax AllWhey Protein Review

Product Reviewed

Allmax AllWhey Protein

Product Cost

$39.99 – $80.99

Company Product Description

Allmax AllWhey combines the latest innovations in whey protein extraction technology creating a 3-stage instantized protein delivery system protected under the trade name TriWHEY. This unique protein complex features a high protein percentage (76% as is), Reduced Lactose Content (ideal for lactose sensitive individuals), and contains undenatured whey microfractions that support proper protein digestion and utilization.

Allmax AllWhey is further enhanced with the inclusion of OmegaEFA (a source of stable essential fatty acids), and Protein Digesting Enzymes that increase whey peptide transit speed to muscles. From taste to protein percentage, Allmax AllWhey delivers it all!

Allmax AllWhey Nutrient Breakdown (Per Scoop)

  • Protein 25g
  • Carbs 4g
  • Fat 2g

Personal Experience

I bought a 5lb bucket of the Allmax AllWhey just because it happened to be on sale and I had pretty good experiences with the Allmax line (especially the isoflex protein). The first thing I noticed was that the scoop was larger than most of the other whey protein supplements I’ve tried. It was about the size of the scoops that typically come in the weight gainers.

No big deal though. Unlike the pure isolate proteins (which can contain as much as 98% protein per scoop), the protein blends contain a lower percentage of total protein so a larger serving must be used to get the same amount of protein. Luckily, the Allmax AllWhey tastes pretty good so don’t worry about it.

Allmax AllWhey mixes pretty well too although I usually prefer to use the blender as I add ice and fruits to my protein smoothies. Overall, the Allmax AllWhey seems to be a pretty good value for the money. With the Allmax AllWhey, you’re paying under 10 dollars a pound and the stuff is pretty high quality.

Remember, you don’t need to be taking isolate protein all the time. Immediately following your workout is when you’d want to go with a pure isolate as it has a faster absorption rate but even then, Allmax AllWhey does contain some isolate (along with other types of protein). For detailed information on nutrient timing, click here and for a a breakdown of exactly what you should be looking for in your protein supplements, check this out!

Allmax AllWhey Recommendation – Yea, it’s a good value.