UFC Ringside Footage

The latest episode of “UFC Ultimate Insider” was pretty cool. The fighters that we idolize are of course, fans of the sport as well and in the video below, we get a rare look and their reactions (and commentary) to a few of the main events. We get to listen to Cain Velasquez’s reaction to the fight between Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin. From there, we get to see some footage of Vitor Belfort watching the Sonnen vs Silva fight. To follow that up, we get to see Pettis react to Maynard vs Edgar, Bader react to Rampage vs Machida, Dos Santos reaction to Lesnar vs Velasquez and to finish it off, we get to see Chuck Liddell’s “involved” reaction to when Couture got Karate-kicked in the face by Machida.