Most Technical Street Fights Ever

The first video shows a Miami based street fight between Michael Nates and “Chuchi”, can you guess who’s who? At the start of the fight, an overly aggressive “Chuchi” says that he’s “finna tear his ass up” and at that moment, it looks like the calm, physically unimposing “Michael Nates” might be in some trouble. Then, the fight starts and Nates gets him down the ground with a textbook takedown and ends up on side control. From then on in, he just runs a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu clinic on “Chuchi” until he eventually forces him to tap from a rear naked choke.

If you watched the TUF 12 premier last night, you probably remember a fighter named “Bruce LeRoy” who came out to the Octagon in a yellow jump suit (enter the dragon) style. Well, in the second video below, he’s fighting some dude named “Chocolate” in the Miami based dada5000 street fighting circuit. Check it out..