I’m not too sure how it took me 3 days to come across this video but I’m glad it was linked on my facebook newsfeed this afternoon. The video features Saenchai sparring with a guy named “Super Tord”. I don’t know much about “Super Tord” so I looked him up and I guess he’s a student who is currently training and fighting in Phuket out of the Sinbi Muay Thai gym.

Anyway, the session starts off alright for “Super Tord” but ends pretty badly as Saenchai catches his kick and fires back with one of his infamous cartwheel kicks. Saenchai does these all the time as they get a reaction from the crowd but this time, it connected pretty flush and ended up knocking “Super Tord” unconscious. Obviously accidental as Saenchai is pretty shocked himself and rushes to his aid. Anyway, here’s the video..