I’ve just returned back to Bangkok after a short 1 month visit back home.

I complain about Canada a lot, but this time I enjoyed being there more than ever.

My biggest complaint (aside from the cold) is that where I live is so boring, but my tastes are changing and now living in a quiet area isn’t so bad. I must be getting old.

Another reason why I may have enjoyed it more this time around is the fact that I had a good place to train BJJ, about a 3 minute drive from where I grew up.

The gym is called Coalition, and their affiliated with Brazilian Top Team.

The curriculum they follow was put together by Ben Meireles; a Judo black belt and BJJ black belt under Fabio Holanda.

Class sizes ranged from small (4-5 people) to midsized (about 10), with a good mix of skill levels (plenty of blue belts and usually a couple purples).

The gym owner, Tag, is a helpful guy and the students were all welcoming and helpful as well.

Like most BJJ gyms I’ve been too, there were no ego’s here.

The facility itself was really nice as well, with a large mat space, multiple clean washrooms, a high roof and good airflow.

If you’re a beginner thinking about getting started, I’d definitely suggest dropping into Coalition for a class to try it out.

If you like it, they’re currently offering a 50% discount for your first 3 months as well.

Click here to view a map, address and contact information to get in touch.