My Muay Thai Tours

Mai “Nopstar” from has organized a service called “My Muay Thai Tours” where he guides groups of fighters/trainees/tourists around Bangkok and the surrounding area to some of his favorite gyms and to take in some sights. Mai is an American born Thai and has spent a great deal of time here in Thailand so he likely has a lot of knowledge to share.

If your time is limited in Bangkok, I definitely see a lot of advantages in using a service like this. Anytime I go searching for a new gym that I haven’t been too yet, getting lost is a near-certainty. Having a tour guide like Mai who’s been there and done it all before will make getting around a lot easier. In addition to the assistance you’ll get navigating your way to the gyms, it looks as though Mai guides the groups to some of his favorite attractions throughout the city (which is great because you’ll end up leaving Bangkok having had a more “cultured” experience beyond what you’d get from Sukhumvit road and Patpong).

And last but not least, you’ll be experiencing it all within a group of like-minded people so you’ll likely meet a bunch of new friends (the thought of travelling around the world alone and not knowing what to expect is a scary thought for a lot of people) so a service like “MyMuayThai tours” makes a lot of sense. I just wish I had thought of the idea myself haha .. Anyway, here’s an awesome video that shows some of the highlights from the first trip..