Epic Muay Thai Round

I logged into my facebook account a few hours ago and this video appeared on my newsfeed. It was posted by a guy who rarely posts things up, so I had a feeling it would be worth watching and damn, it definently was! It’s the 4th round from a fight at Lumpinee stadium featuring Pornseneh and Pakorn. Pornsaneh was training here at the 13 coins gym in Bangkok up until a couple weeks ago. He had a bad performance at Lumpinee actually, and I’m assuming he got into an arguement with the owner of the gym because from that point on, he wasn’t in the gym anymore and his name was wiped off the ring canvas.

Anyway, the 4th round in Muay Thai is known to be the most intense and the footage above is a perfect example of that. They both pretty much drop their guards and tea off on each other. They either have weak punches or incredible “chins” .. either way, it’s awesome to watch.