4 Month Old Girl Saved

One of the trainers from Tiger Muay Thai has a sick 4 month old daughter who needs a liver transplant. Problem is, the¬† average wage here in Thailand is around $250 dollars per month and his daughters surgery will cost approximately $50,000. Healthcare isn’t free here and while quick trips to the clinic are affordable, serious¬†operations still carry a hefty price tag – making surgery an unrealistic option to all but the wealthy.

In this case however, 4 month old “tuptim” had some outside help. Several students at the camp rallied together to raise funds. This website was started to promote awareness and a paypal account was set up to accept donations. It looks like this story will have a happy ending. One of Kru Nai’s students, Ben Pittsley, directed a plea to Dana White on the UG to convince him to donate the remaining funds needed for the surgery. Just 3 hours later, a UFC representitive responded and confirmed that Dana White WILL indeed put up the money!

Hopefully the surgery goes well and both TupTum and her mother (who is donating part of her own liver) will come through it without any complications.. I’ll follow this story and keep you updated as to how it goes..